Soil Depletion

05 September 2022 – David Butler

Soil Depletion - Xenca
Soil Depletion - Xenca

All too often our western diet, busy lifestyles and modern farming methods mean we get too little nutritional value from our food.

Over the past 100 years farming has become more and more intensive. We cannot afford to leave fields fallow to recover naturally and they are often used to grow more than one crop a year. This depletion of nutrients in the ground means we have to put tonnes of chemicals on, and in, the ground to grow our food.


As an example, you would have to eat nearly 30 times the amount of Spinach today as you would have 100 years ago to get the same amount of nutritional value out of the spinach.


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No wonder things taste better when we grow them at home! This is because we are growing it in soil that still has a very high organic nutrient content.


So then why are we at Xenca so excited about Five a Day+V? 


Five a Day+V is a blend of natural “super-greens”, non-animal content, to add to your daily diet.


We have all heard about eating our ‘Five a day’ but how many of us actually do that with today’s busy lifestyle?


Each recommended serving of Xenca's powerful green supplement provides the nutritional equivalent of 5 – 7 servings of fresh fruit and veg in one go which is the very minimum we need and in today's “convenient society”. It’s a convenient way of guaranteeing a healthy intake of natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants.


Among its many reported health benefits, this natural food supplement has been found to boost energy, aid detoxification, improve recovery and improve mental concentration. It may also lower cholesterol and produce a measurable reduction in biological age. Studies, carried out on key ingredients by the universities of Utah and Ukraine, have shown their effectiveness in decreasing the body’s biological age significantly.


Our recommendation is to include as much daily fresh produce on your plate as you reasonably can, then make up the shortfall with our high-quality green food blend for as little as 38p a day.


Five-A-Day +V is a product for everyone, both young and old, so now there is no excuse for not getting your recommended daily nutrition.


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