Five-a-Day: The Big Con?

23 September 2023 – Geraldine Turner

Five-a-Day: The Big Con? - Xenca
Five-a-Day: The Big Con? - Xenca
How many people caught Five-a-Day: The Big Con? on channel 5 this week?

Exploring whether the government's healthy 'five-a-day' campaign was a big con.

In this episode it stated that 5 a Day’ was promoted by the government twenty years ago as the solution to the national obesity crisis and the salvation of our children.

It seemed so straightforward: just eat your fruits and vegetables every day and you’ll be healthy, help the NHS, and live longer.

More than £20 million was spent on the campaign, but only 30% of adults and 8% of children actually participate on a consistent basis. Is it true that Five a Day is a hoax?

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Do you know that a 21st century orange looks very similar, if not identical, to a 20th century orange and both are likely to taste just as good as each other but be warned, looks can be deceiving
An unfortunate fact that has been described in the respected magazine, Scientific American, said that a study “concluded that one would have to eat eight oranges today to derive the same amount of Vitamin A as our grandparents would have gotten from one.”

Whilst food growers and retailers work hard to ensure the produce on supermarket shelves looks incredibly appetising, the truth is they haven’t been so successful at maintaining the nutritional content of the fruit and vegetables which we eat on a daily basis.

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