Brand New Packaging

11 August 2022 – David Butler

Brand New Packaging - Xenca
Brand New Packaging - Xenca

Our new products are available now in 100% recyclable pouches.

Xenca has updated its Collagen and Five a day +V packaging giving its customers much more flexibility in taking these vital products.

Xenca Collagen needs no introduction as many people know it is an essential part of their daily routine to take alongside Xenca vitamin C.

Xenca Vitamin C is essential in making sure the body takes up and uses the Collagen to best advantage through the body.

As well as new packaging it now comes in easy-to-use measured sachets for convenience and when traveling and passing on to family and friends for them to try.

Alongside this is Xenca’s Five a day +V  super green food which gives you your five a day in one simple easy to take dose. This has also had an upgrade in packaging and also comes in a one dose sachet giving you complete convenience wherever you are.

The various designs carry single shot sachets, Collagen and 5 and day feature in the picture

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