A Quality Range of Products

Xenca is a British company with natural, effective and affordable products, designed to deliver optimum family health and fitness, radiant skin and natural beauty.

We're confident you'll love our stunning range of health and beauty products and, more importantly, your customers will too.

We will never tell you what you have to buy from us, or how much, or dictate precisely how you sell the products. You can decide to focus on one or more of our products or ranges, or all of them. It really depends on what you’re most comfortable doing.

The only boundaries are legislation itself and an agreement that none of us will harm each other’s margins by retailing through discount internet marketing sites.

Otherwise, there are no restrictions regarding third-party marketing so you can decide to sell direct or in partnership with your local retailers or professionals (such as chiropractors, veterinary practices, gyms, etc.) We’ll also give you help and advice on how to win new business.

All of our Associates here at Xenca love the products they sell and understand the positive impact they make because they also use them themselves!

Come and join us as an Associate at Xenca. You will be your own boss but you won’t be on your own. Go for it - you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Xenca Product Package

  • Products that everyone needs
  • Work with a cutting-edge British brand
  • Unique, natural, organic and eco-friendly products
  • Be part of the rapidly expanding global health and wellness industry
  • A product range used by world class sports stars
  • A product range that people continue to purchase


Featured in:

  • Women's Own
  • Marie Claire
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Take a Break